10 Best Travel And Restaurant Cookbooks For Your Quarantine


Despite everything, we still need to eat. And even more, we still need to dream. Thanks to the coronavirus and COVID-19, it’s going to be a while before we can get on a plane to enjoy an epic four-hands dinner or to delve deep into a local cuisine. Most of the world’s great restaurants are responsibly closed right now. To help us live well as we stay at home, here are 10 new and new-ish cookbooks that combine a delicious variety of recipes with armchair travel—let’s call it stovetop travel?

Sun and Rain by chef Ana Ros of Hisa Franko and journalist Kaja Sajovic, Slovenia

When I dined at Hisa Franko last autumn, I was blown away both by the creativity and by the staunch dedication to creating a cuisine that tasted specifically of the fairy-tale pure and gorgeous Soca Valley. Chef Ana Ros, who was named the World’s Best Female Chef and who is credited with putting Slovenian gastronomy on the menu-map, compiled Sun and Rain as a glimpse into her idiosyncratic and rebellious cooking style. The book combines recipes, photos, poems, stories and personal recollections from the chef, who is currently looking after her international kitchen brigade and providing bread and other food to the local community.

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