10 Tech myths you need to stop believing right now


Look around and you’ll find that we are surrounded by gadgets. So much so that before calling it a day, you glance at a gadget and the first thing in all probability you look at in the morning is a gadget. It’s a tad ironic that despite gadgets – especially smartphones – have become all-consuming device for us, most of us remain unaware about what goes inside them.

Take the case of a simple question like, should we charge our phone when the battery completely runs out or should we charge it now when it’s battery level reading is anywhere below 100 per cent? Or do more network bars mean better mobile service? Is charging your phone overnight harmful for your battery?

It remains clear and the truth lies somewhere between myths, perceptions and realities. Here we attempt to would shatter some of the most common tech myths (or dilemmas) that we face on a day-to-day basis.

Myth: More bars on your cell phone means better signal

The network bars on your screen do not truly indicate signal strength. They merely show the proximity of your cellular signal to its nearest tower. The number of people connected to the same tower at the same time is huge.

Myth: Charging your phone overnight harms the battery

It’s a myth that has plagued humanity since the dawn of the mobile phone. Time to debunk it. Your phone is smarter than you think. Your device is engineered in a way that it knows it has to stop charging once it’s fully juiced up.

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