10 Ways To Get Paid To Travel The World


Ever dreamed of having a career that would allow you to travel the world — and get paid for it? The annual Women’s Travel Fest is an event that gathers the best and brightest in the travel business, women who have forged careers that pay them to explore. I caught up with a handful of these women, from writers to executives, and found out their tips for how to create your dream travel job. And guess what? These women make it sound pretty easy.

Kelly Lewis, founder of Go Girl Guides, the Women’s Travel Fest and Damesly. Read Kelly’s tips on affordable travel: “The 33 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2018.”

If you want to have a career in travel, the first step is to start traveling and see where your passions are: if it’s writing, if it’s blogging, editing, photography. Or you can just travel and pick up jobs on the road in hospitality, as I have done in the past. I always recommend — especially to younger travelers, those under 30 — a working holiday visa, which gives you the ability to work for a year in countries like New Zealand or Australia. It’s a great way of creating income while you’re on the road. I actually worked for a company that did Lord of the Rings tours in New Zealand — it was so funny. People would come up to me speaking Elvish. It was the best job ever.

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