14 tourist attractions that aren’t worth the cost


1. Empire State Building — New York City

If you’re determined to visit expensive New York, you can save money by visiting the best free tourist attractions.

The Empire State Building allows visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of Manhattan from the 86th floor. Alternatively, tourists can splurge and enjoy no wait lines with a guided tour of the 102nd floor.

This tourist attraction isn’t worth it if you take into account all the skyscrapers in New York. Essentially, you’re paying to look at views you could’ve gotten at a hotel or restaurant rooftops for a fraction of the cost.

2. Stonehenge — Stonehenge, England

Before deciding on a trip to Stonehenge, you should compare the costs to see other ancient ruins.

Why This Attraction Isn’t Worth It

Stonehenge rocks, but — all puns aside — it’s just a bunch of boulders. Constructed in mystery, these huge rock formations have puzzled visitors for years upon years — but is this tourist trap worth the price tag? Many say “no.”

Unless you arrive very early in the morning and arrange for an expensive private tour, you won’t see much except for the backs of other tourists. These famous rocks are also located in the middle of nowhere, around 90 miles from London.

3. Blarney Stone — County Cork, Ireland

Does kissing away $2,000 to kiss the Blarney Stone really sound like a good deal?

Hanging upside down over the edge of the 15th-century castle and planting a kiss on the Blarney Stone is supposed to impart visitors with the gift of the gab, but the pricey trip might not be worth it.

With so many different people smooching this rock and the fact that you dangle your head over quite a drop, some tourists claim the Blarney Stone is unsafe — for sanitary reasons or otherwise.

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