15 of the most romantic towns in central Europe


With its pastoral landscapes, dramatic mountain peaks and spectacular coastal views, Central Europe has no shortage of picturesque scenery and destinations.

It’s also home to a host of secluded towns that are perfect for those keen to immerse themselves in travel romance and adventure — whether its wandering through wonderful narrow streets or gazing at historic vistas. Here are 15 of the most romantic small towns in Central Europe.

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Located in the southern section of the country, this picture-perfect town is worth a trip for anyone visiting the Czech Republic. With the impressive Český Krumlov Castle dominating its labyrinth of red rooftops, the medieval gem is home to a magnificent Old Town featuring Renaissance and baroque architecture.

Sopot, Poland

Poland’s Baltic coast is a stretch of splendid greenery and beautiful seaside towns, with Sopot being one of the most charming. With an all-year-round festive atmosphere, this little town in Eastern Pomerania serves as a haven for those seeking romance by the sea.

Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

It’s hard to find a central European small town packed with more sights than the ancient silver mining town of Kutná Hora.
One of its must-sees is an impressive Sedlec Ossuary made from more than 50,000 human bones (although not exactly a romantic attraction).
The UNESCO-protected Old Town is also filled with delights like the St. Barbara’s Church, with its Gothic architecture, as well as picturesque streets.

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