16 Tips For Preparing Your Phone For Travel Emergencies


Your vacation goal is to have a great time, relax, and enjoy your downtime. But occasionally, things don’t go that way. All kinds of interesting things can happen during travel, and some can be emergencies. Everything from hurricanes, flooding, and other unexpected weather to loss of luggage, illness, or an accident of some sort can ruin your plans and create an emergency.

Your smartphone can help you be prepared in advance to minimize the effects of all types of emergencies. Check out the following tips to be prepared.

1. Have Photos Of Important Documents

You never know when your passport, driver’s license, or other essential documents might go missing. They can be lost or stolen. Take a photo of these documents before leaving home and keep them in a folder on your phone. I also file copies of all vital trip documents in my Dropbox folder. That way, if my phone is missing, I can retrieve the information from any computer. You could also use Google Drive or Evernote for storage.

2. Take Photos Of Credit Cards

Take pictures of the front and back of every credit card you are taking on the trip. You can cancel it immediately if the cards are lost or stolen. I file these in a folder on my phone on Dropbox. Many cards now permit you to freeze your account instead of canceling to give you time to find the card. No one else can use it while frozen, and if you find the card, you can unfreeze it and carry on with your vacation.

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