21 pairs of Tevas you’ll want to wear all summer long


Some might say that Tevas had their moment, and that moment was the summer of 1996. While they’re not wrong, Tevas are back — and they’re more stylish than ever. In fact, the comfortable sport sandal, which has always been adored among adolescent camp-goers everywhere, has officially made a comeback among the fashion crowd too.

“I love Tevas and was thrilled when they started bubbling up in the trend zeitgeist a few years ago; I’m all for any comfortable shoe having its day in the sun,” says Harling Ross, a fashion writer and brand consultant. “Beyond the comfort factor, though, which Tevas certainly have in spades, I think they also have a really cool minimalist vibe — especially the solid black and solid white styles.”

Fellow brand consultant Kellie Brown is a longtime fan of Tevas too. “Not to be that person, but I put on Tevas and I instantly start seeing a little Tevas song in my mind,” jokes Brown, who says she wears them with everything, including summer dresses, pants and even with socks. “I’ve been wearing them for years and will never stop — I love how contrary they are.”

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