22 days from Election Day, pandemic shows no sign of slowing as U.S. edges closer to 8 million cases


Covid-19 hospitalizations were skyrocketing in New York again Monday as the United States was just days away from recording it 8 millionth confirmed case of the coronavirus.

Once the center of the coronavirus crisis in the U.S., New York has seen its number of hospitalizations jump by 77 percent compared to the same period last month. Gov. Andrew Cuomo stressed that the increases are the result of specific clusters.

“We’re dealing with a very specific situation which is the clusters,” he said in a news release over the weekend. “Overall the state is doing very well.”

Meanwhile, Idaho, South Dakota and Wisconsin have the three highest rates of new infections in the country, and Texas was close to eclipsing California as the state with the most confirmed cases.

With the presidential election 22 days away and early voting underway in many states, the country had already logged over 7.8 million Covid-19 cases, and that number was expected to climb over 8 million by late Thursday, according to a projection by NBC News.

That staggering sum seemed unimaginable back in February when President Donald Trump, whose much-criticized handling of the Covid-19 crisis has become a key campaign issue, insisted that the U.S. was in “very good shape” and that it was prepared to take on the pandemic.