25 Safest Places to Travel in 2020


Go Forth With Confidence

The world can seem like an awfully scary place at times but the reality is there are plenty of destinations you can experience without jeopardizing your safety and security. While no country is completely rid of crime or danger, here are 25 places travelers exercising common sense and taking normal precautions can explore fearlessly in the new year.


Australia is the world’s safest destination for 2020, according to Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s (BHTP) annual research study. The country ranks first overall as well as tops in every major demographic category, including millennials, millennials with children and mature travelers. On top of that, Australia was also recently named “Destination of the Year” by Travel & Leisure magazine.

New Zealand

Both millennials and middle-aged travelers consider New Zealand to be the second-safest place in the world behind Australia. This peaceful destination Down Under is also among the planet’s most diverse, making it a no-brainer for open-minded travelers prioritizing safety.


Middle-aged and mature travelers are in agreement that Sweden is among the world’s safest destinations, according to BHTP data. Plus, the Nordic nation was named “the world’s most reputable country” by Reputation Institute’s annual Country RepTrak.


While the crowds in places like Rome and Venice can certainly create some unwelcome stress and anxiety, safety shouldn’t be a concern for visitors to Italy. There are plenty of reasons to make this coveted country your first great getaway in 2020, and feeling safe and secure is just one of them.

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