3 beautiful hikes to take in Santorini


Mention Santorini and people immediately think of it as a honeymoon destination with amazing sunsets. But sunsets and romance aside, there is actually more to do on the island than you think! Hikes are a great way to burn off the delicious Mediterranean food you will inhale while on the island.

The hike begins at the Archaeological Centre in Fira and ends right at the tip of Oia (the famous sunset spot). It is well marked with signs almost every kilometre and in every village you will pass.

As the name suggests, this hike is on a volcano. Leaving from the town of Fira, you have to take a short boat ride to get to the volcano. Hiking down from the town of Fia along the 30 switchbacks is a good warmup for the trail to come. There is also a cable car option (5 Euros each way), but save that for the way back up when your legs are done with hiking.

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