4 Texas police officers fired after fatally shooting man ‘having a mental breakdown’ in April


Chavez was already injured, having been hit by gunfire earlier in his standoff with police. Officers had also fired bean bag rounds and stun guns at him before he was killed, Acevedo said.

“Quite frankly, it’s inexplicable to me when they had plenty of opportunity to back up and continue to be doing what they were doing for them to stay the line and shoot a man 21 times,” Acevedo said. “I cannot defend that.” Acevedo said Chavez was not a threat to the 28 officers who were at the scene.

An autopsy showed that Chavez had 29 total entry and exit wounds, many the result of bullet fragments created when rounds hit the pavement and broke apart. It also showed he had methamphetamine, amphetamine and ethanol in his system.

Leaders with the Houston Police Officers’ Union denounced the firings, saying the officers followed their training and tried to de-escalate the situation but were forced to shoot Chavez when he pointed the stun gun at them.