40 Haunting Secrets About The Shining


Jack Nicholson practically growling his son’s name as he succumbs to the evil forces harbored by the Overlook Hotel and sets out to slaughter his family is one of the more terrifying scenes in a movie that’s basically a master class in terrifying imagery, start to finish.

Which is why, 40 years after its theatrical release, The Shining remains one of the all-time horror movies, the monster in this case being an entire building—and, of course, the demons within that just need a little nudge and a stiff drink to rear their ugly heads.

Subsequently, Stanley Kubrick’s polarizing adaptation of Stephen King’s haunting, so-scary-Joey-has-to-stick-it-in-the-freezer novel is also one of the most picked-over films of the 20th century, with endless analyses and theories put forth in essays, books, frame-by-frame breakdowns and films about the film, such as 2012’s Room 237, which lays out nine interpretations of what, exactly, Kubrick had in mind.

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