5 Premier League forwards who have missed the most ‘big’ chances this season


The ultimate target in a game of football is to put the ball at the back of the net. Everything else is just a ploy to ensure that the former happens. The forwards are mainly responsible to carry this out as they are the ones leading the line. While forwards do score more than the others, they also miss more than anyone else. So, here are the 5 forwards who have missed the most ‘big chances’ halfway through the Premier League season.

Seeing Salah in this list could be a shocker to many. After all, he converts most of his chances, which is why he has 12 goals from 19 Premier League games so far this season.

However, he has also missed 10 big chances so far this season. Despite that, he has a dozen goals to his name with Liverpool leading the Premier League by 6 points with half a season to go.

Another forward who has missed as many big chances as the Egyptian is Alvaro Morata. The former Real Madrid star is yet to adapt to Chelsea as he has been heavily inconsistent for his team.

With 10 big chances wasted, he has only 5 goals from 14 games. On top of that, Chelsea now lie at number four with Arsenal just two points behind them at number 5.

Morata has also been dropped from the starting line-up with Sarri opting for Giroud and even Hazard in place of the Spaniard; who is subsequently being linked with a move elsewhere.

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