A flight attendant told me I was too fat to fly


AS KELLY deVos boarded her flight, she was stopped by a flight attendant who told she’d have to fork out an extra $400 — for being too fat.KELLY deVos had always dreamt of writing a book. And she finally did — after living through her worst nightmare.

In 2013, the graphic designer was at her local airport in Phoenix, Arizona, en route to a business trip in Salt Lake City.But, as she was boarding, a flight attendant stopped her.“They forced me to buy a second seat for $300 (A$397),” deVos told The New York Post.

The married mum, who weighed 151kg at the time, was told she wouldn’t fit in just one.Mortified, deVos plunked down her credit card. How would she break it to her boss that her trip expenses had suddenly doubled?

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