A new approach for cyber security in the UK


Cyber security, and the money being spent on it, is increasing in importance within the UK. As the threat of terrorism evolves and becomes far more than just a physical danger, the role of organisations and government departments, like the National Cyber Security Centre, becomes pivotal in the UK’s defence strategy. Counter Terror Business explores

In announcing the launch of the five year National Cyber Security Strategy in November 2016, Chancellor Philip Hammond said that it was ‘crucial that Britain is a safe place to do digital business’ and that, in order to achieve this, ‘we need a secure cyber space’. Underpinned by £1.9 billion of transformational investment, the strategy is built upon three core pillars: defend, deter and develop, and is supported by National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – an organisation Hammond labelled as a ‘dedicated, outward-facing authority on cyber’.

Cyber crime and digital terrorist threats are not the anomaly that they once were. Indeed, Ciaran Martin, chief executive of the NCSC, has stated that ‘stealing information for financial and political purposes is as old as human activity itself’, and that we need to demystify the assumption that cyber terrorists and criminals are ‘people sitting in computers at far away places, that cannot be contested’, highlighting that it is an ‘incredibly damaging attitude’ to take, one which we can assume will not be happening on his watch.

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