Airline crew helps dad pull off epic mid-air prank


A devoted father got an airline to help him “punch” his daughter midflight, and now she’s plotting her revenge.

Bridie Connell was flying to New Zealand for a family party when her father got the flight crew involved in a years-long “prank war” between him and his daughter. According to Connell, she and her dad have been locked in a 15-year-long competition to see who can deliver a “pinch and punch for the first of the month” before the other one.

It’s based off an old superstition that giving someone a “pinch and a punch” on the first of the month will bring good luck.

Connell chronicled her experience on Twitter, saying “Today is the 1st of May. First of the month! I’m flying home to NZ for my cousin’s birthday. It was an early flight – too early to call dad before I took off. “It’ll have to wait,” I thought as I settled into my seat.”

Her story continued, “Air NZ, my favorite airline. Got moved to a seat with more legroom. Premium economy, winning! Free chocolate. Hooray! … ” Unfortunately, the upgrade wasn’t all she was getting that day.

“And then a staff member comes over to my seat,” she tweeted. “Are you Bridie?” “Yes…” “I’m Beau. Nice to meet you.” Omg, it’s finally happening, the moment I have been dreaming of for years. I’m going to be UPGRADED, baby!! “I have a special delivery for you, Bridie.”

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