Airport hacks: 31 ways to save time and money

215 spoke to frequent travelers and money-saving experts to find out their best insider airport tips for how to save money and time while making your way through terminals. Click forward to learn some of their favorite airport hacks.

1. Use the MyTSA App. Using the MyTSA app, you can get answers to your most pressing travel questions and assess what items you can and can’t bring on flights. Additionally, you can get updates on delays, find out about cancellations and check wait times in the security line.

2. Park at a nearby hotel. Parking on-site at the airport can be pricey, but you can save money by parking at a hotel near the airport instead. “ lists hotels near airports that allow you to park in their lot and use their free airport shuttles to and from the airport for rates as low as $5 a day,” said ultra-economical travel expert and founder of Break the Travel Barrier Russell Hannon. “You can search hotel parking lots by an airport, pay online, and upon arrival at the hotel, hand in your voucher at the check-in counter, then proceed to the airport shuttle pickup.”

3. Take advantage of airport lounges. Airport lounges aren’t just for the rich and famous. If you know how to work your perks, you can enjoy these other airport attractions. “Many credit cards and airline loyalty programs provide free or discounted access to airport lounges,” said frequent traveler Lee Huffman, founder of Bald Thoughts, a travel website. Not only do these lounges allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the airport to relax before your flight, but you can also enjoy complimentary beverages and snacks. Call your credit card company ahead of time to see if you’re eligible for entrance.

4. If you can’t access lounges through your credit card, check Groupon. Travel credit cards and frequent flyer programs aren’t the only ways to get access to airport lounges. “A great way to save money in airports is to check Groupon ahead of time for the city you’re flying into or out of,” said Leslie Price, creator of My Adventure Bucket. “You can [sometimes] buy an airport lounge priority pass for $7.”

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