‘All alone’ no more: Trump returns to Mar-a-Lago


He described it almost like monastic seclusion: a month-long self-exile in the White House with only armed guards as company. “I was waving to them,” President Donald Trump recalled of greeting the machine gun-toting agents patrolling the grounds. “They don’t, like, wave.”

Now, after spending the December holidays and all of January without an escape, Trump has returned again to Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach club he very conspicuously avoided during the longest government shutdown in US history. The President is expected to spend the weekend there with the first lady, who chose not to follow her husband’s example and traveled to the estate while the White House and congressional Democrats haggled over a border wall.

The pair does not have any official events scheduled in Florida, but Trump’s days in Palm Beach are governed by routine: morning outings to his nearby golf club, burgers with friends in the clubhouse, evenings on the patio, and the occasional stop-by whatever charity event or wedding is underway in the baroque ballroom he named for himself.

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