Amazon, AT&T, Google push Congress to pass online privacy bill to preempt stronger California law


Major companies including Amazon, AT&T, Apple and Google are lobbying Congress to craft legislation that would preempt a first-of-its-kind California privacy law that grants sweeping online protections to consumers.

Senior executives from these companies, plus Twitter and Charter Communications, offered a show of industry support for a federal privacy bill with weaker consumer protections during a Senate hearing Wednesday.

Such a bill would block states like California from enacting stronger privacy protections. The executives argued that a patchwork of different state laws would make it tough for companies to operate and would threaten innovation. The takeaway from news outlet Axios: “Tech companies want privacy rules, but on their own terms.”

The testimony on Capitol Hill came one day after the Department of Commerce recommended new regulations on how companies handle consumers’ personal information that were similar to the ones being proposed by the tech and telecom industries.

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