Amazon Fire TV Cube review (2019)


With so many streaming devices on the market, it can be difficult for new ones to stand out. Amazon, for its part, has differentiated its Fire TV products with one notable feature: They work with Alexa. If you have an Echo paired with a Fire TV device, you can launch TV shows, play tunes, check the weather or even turn the TV on and off, simply by using your voice. Last year, Amazon married an Echo and a Fire TV together in one product called the Fire TV Cube, so you could use one device instead of two. At the time, however, it couldn’t handle some simple voice commands and it lacked core Echo functions like voice messaging.

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Dolby Vision and HDR+

Can handle most video viewing commands

Support for all the major streaming services

Much faster response times


Sometimes prefers some apps over others

Can’t voice search for channels or content on YouTube TV

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