Apple iPad review Bigger, slightly better, still great


Apple is dead set on making sure there’s an iPad for everyone. Want something fast and future proof? Try an iPad Pro. Prefer a smaller device? There’s the updated iPad mini. Need a spacious screen and excellent performance without paying Pro prices? The iPad Air is probably for you. And now with the $329 iPad 10.2 (or the 2019 iPad or whatever you want to call it), Apple is making sure people who just need the essentials are getting them. Again.

Chiefly, it offers a solid screen, great software and the sort of good battery life we’ve come to expect from Apple. With that said, the new iPad isn’t a massive improvement over the model it replaces, and that’s OK. When you consider how few companies are making good tablets, the 2019 iPad gets enough right that it’s still the best reasonably priced tablet out there right now.


Reasonable price

Slightly bigger screen

The same good battery life


Older processor

Smart Connector still feels limited

Base model only has 32GB of storage

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