Are The Stars of “Hustlers” Friends In Real Life?


In the past, whenever there was a film that had an entirely female cast, many people automatically assumed there to be drama behind the scenes.

We have gotten so used to hearing about two or more women not being able to be in the same room together let alone develop friendships off-screen.

However, when it comes to the cast of Hustlers, their on-screen friendships translated to real-life and their dynamic relationship is continuing to go strong.

Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu have a solid friendship

Even though there is usually hefty competition within the film industry, the friendships some of these actors establish with their co-stars is something not many people expect.

Many of us have assumed that some actors just aren’t interested in developing a friendship when the cameras aren’t rolling, but the cast of Hustlers is showing us that that isn’t always the case.

The new film follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to scam their Wall Street clients.

In the film, the main characters lean on each other as they take on this risky task and it has recently been revealed that the actors even do so in real life.

In a recent interview with Refinary29 during the Toronto International Film Festival, Jennifer Lopez, who plays Ramona in the film, opened up about her relationship with her castmates, especially Constance Wu, and shared that their bond is practically unbreakable.

The entire cast developed a strong bond

Though Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu developed a strong friendship while filming Hustlers, it turns out that the entire cast considers each other friends.

Although the film was shot in under a month, that was more than enough time for the cast and crew to establish such solid bonds with one another that they now consider each other more like sisters.

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