Aussie rookie’s monstrous hit goes viral


He might be listed as a kick-off specialist for the San Francisco 49ers, but Aussie Mitch Wishnowsky showed off his Aussie rules roots on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old rookie was drafted by the 49ers and showed he’s more than just a kicker during the third quarter of their pre-season clash against the Denver Broncos.

After the 49ers extended their lead to 17-9, Wishnowsky’s kick off landed in the arms of Broncos Devontae Jackson who set off down the middle of the field.

Kickers in the NFL aren’t known for laying out opponents, but Jackson found out Wishnowsky is no ordinary kicker.

Jackson was crushed into the turf by Wishnowsky with the big body Aussie driving him backwards and flattening him out.

“The rookie punter and kick-off specialist with a special teams tackle. By the way he’s 6-2 (187cm) and 220 (99kg) and 27-year-old rookie,” commentators said

“That’s what happens when you’re a former Aussie Rules football player. He doesn’t have a problem coming in on a 5-7 (170cm), 170 (77kg) return man.”

The efforts not only drew the praise of his teammates but his immense tackle sent social media wild.

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