Australia’s new bubble tents provide the ultimate skygazing experience


Australia has its fair share of memorable glamping experiences, but none quite as illuminating as the new Bubbletent retreat in New South Wales’ Capertee Valley.

Each of the three transparent, inflatable, air-locked dome tents is named after a different constellation: Leo, Cancer and Virgo. When the sun fades over the clifftop setting — 800 meters above the canyon floor and surrounded by wild, national parkland — you’ll understand why.

Nothing quite prepares you for the dazzling blanket of stars that unfolds here after dusk.

At first, there’s only Jupiter and Mars, but when complete darkness descends, it’s like someone has thrown glitter across the sky.

Coming from Sydney, Australia’s largest city, one or two stars in the night sky is an occasion to be celebrated.

But in the Capertee, you’re miles from anywhere. There’s no haze on the horizon — the result of fluorescent skyscrapers and buzzing streetlights. In fact, the only man-made light you’ll see is the occasional car headlight on a remote stretch of highway.

You won’t want the view to end when you go to bed — and fortunately it doesn’t have to. The nature of these tents means that the best outlook is, in fact, enjoyed when you pull on your pajamas, plump the pillows and lie back on the mattress.

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