Avengers 4 trailer: five things we learned about Marvel’s Endgame movie


Now that the long-awaited trailer – and title – is finally here, we cast the runes to see what the new assemblage of Avengers has in store

For a mega-blockbuster that had one of the most convoluted build-ups in the history of cinema, Avengers: Infinity War opted to end on one of the biggest audience bummers since The Empire Strikes Back. Spoiler warning: big purple bad dude Thanos succeeded in wiping out literally half of the entire universe, including a considerable proportion of the Marvel heroes fans had grown to love over the course of an eventful movie-going decade. So where do you go from there? Today’s new trailer for Avengers: Endgame has a few suggestions, squashed into two and a half minutes. Here’s what we learned.

Tony Stark is bad at voicemails

After getting his tin-can ass kicked by Thanos and witnessing his cosmic strike team of impromptu Avengers disintegrate into confetti on a far-flung moon, Tony Stark was in a bad place. Now, he’s somewhere even worse: floating through space in a dead spacecraft, four days without food and about to run out of air. That’s when this flippant motormouth decides to record a message for his beloved Pepper via his semi-wrecked Iron Man helmet – rambling, wry and, as ever, a little self-involved. Save that oxygen, Tony!

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