‘Ballers’ star Dwayne Johnson pays tribute to the show amid cancellation news


Although HBO announced Thursday that it was ending its slick sports comedy “Ballers” with the upcoming fifth season, star Dwayne Johnson has suggested to fans that this is a positive move.

The former University of Miami football player and professional wrestler, who plays an NFL player turned fast-talking financial manager in the show, described the news as “pretty cool” in an Instagram video.

He added that he signed onto the show because “I just felt like it was an opportunity to not only embrace culture, not only embrace ambition, not only embrace success … but also, it was embracing a game that has been so very good to me personally … and to play a character who loved the game.”

Johnson also discussed what it meant to work with people like creator Stephen Levinson and executive producer Mark Wahlberg, whom he knew from their work on the similarly styled HBO series “Entourage.”

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