Best of the best: explore New York City’s top restaurants


To write a list about the ten best restaurants in New York City is to call upon yourself a certain sense of doom and gloom. For one, there are so many to wade through, and then to choose from – think for a moment of every small patisserie hidden down an alleyway to the sprawling dining rooms that stand guard over Central Park. And then there’s the personal opinion of every New Yorker and visitor – each with their own favorite fare and neighborhood gem.

Now that we’ve all agreed it’s fully impossible to write a list of the ten best restaurants in New York City, let’s get down to business presenting you with a list of contenders for best restaurant. By no means is this list comprehensive, but it does offer a glimpse into New York’s culinary greatness. From obvious front runners like Eleven Madison Park to power charged wine bars, such as Wildair, we’re willing to bet that these restaurants will leave you supremely satisfied no matter your price point, location or crowd.


In the cluster of craziness that’s become the new Lower East Side, a few spots rise above the noise. One, in particular, is Wildair, the laid-back sister restaurant of neighboring Contra. Helmed by two of the most exciting chefs in NYC, Wildair is mostly a wine bar…albeit one that serves really, really good food and unique, never-before-tasted pours. Most everything is made in-house, including the freshly baked bread that’s served with salted olive oil. The wagyu steak for two is also a star, but if you’re not looking to drop a cool Benjamin on grub, stick to the steak tartare topped with cheddar, horseradish and brazil nuts.


Eleven Madison Park recently underwent a major renovation, which still kept the building’s original Art Deco details and expanded the bar to accommodate more regulars. On the food front, acclaimed chef, Daniel Humm, continues to shine and delight. While the menu changes frequently, guests can expect innovative food, but without the pomp and pretension, that’s rampant amongst fine dining restaurants in the city. Grubstreet described the food as a move toward “hyper-minimal” with Humm himself saying, “Today, it’s (the food) much more about feeling – it’s harder to explain how to make something look organic and beautiful.” In any case, this is a showstopper of a meal that you won’t soon forget.

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