reveals how a passion for fashion fuels the style-conscious global traveler


Travel and fashion are a perfect match with almost half of all global travelers agreeing that looking their best while on vacation is important (48%). Whether functional or fashionable, a vacation wardrobe is a big part of any trip, from planning and packing to the actual vacation experience itself., the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, is championing the all-encompassing nature of travel and its ability to inspire the way we live our lives, including the experiences we have that impact our style, confidence and our fashion choices while traveling.

Research conducted by the company across 21,500 global travelers from 29 countries uncovers how fashion influences travel and confidence and impacts style choices while on vacation and beyond.

Look good, feel great
Vacations are a time when we leave our worries at home, escaping and immersing ourselves in a new environment. It’s no wonder then that almost two fifths (38%) of global travelers feel more confident while on vacation than at home – and want to be photo ready no matter the backdrop, whether it’s a stylish apartment balcony or villa complete with infinity pool. Vacation wardrobes have a significant part to play in this, with four out of ten global travelers citing their travel wardrobe as the secret to vacation confidence (39%), even over the relative anonymity that travelling can give us (35%).

When delving deeper, global travelers’ top reason for vacation confidence is being with people they’re comfortable with, like friends and family (73%). Conversely, a badly-planned wardrobe can ruin a travelers’ confidence, with one of the top reasons for feeling less self-assured while traveling being that their vacation clothes are functional rather than fashionable (24%).

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