Brad Pitt’s Celebrity Joke-Writer Has Finally Been Identified


Throughout this awards season, the biggest question on our minds has not been “What will Bong Joon-ho drink to celebrate his best director and best picture wins?” or “What kind of condiments did Julia Butters use on the turkey sandwich she brought to the Oscars?”, but a more elemental query: Who, in God’s name, has been penning Brad Pitt’s surprisingly solid jokes?

Pitt’s been killing on the awards-season circuit with one-liners referencing everything from his single status to Megxit, but despite his considerable charm, it seemed unlikely that the star had suddenly discovered unknown comedic powers and produced all these kickers on his own.

Speculation had abounded about which of Pitt’s famous friends might be aiding his new reputation as a jokester: Was it Leonardo DiCaprio? Quentin Tarantino? Alia Shawkat, whose irrepressible millennial sensibility Pitt might have picked up when they hung out at Kanye West’s opera?

Ultimately, the answer turned out to be none of the above. Pitt told Variety that, actually, he wrote most of those speeches himself, with the help of some “very, very funny friends.” One very surprising name emerged as being partially responsible for building Pitt’s overnight reputation as a bona fide Borscht Belt comic: Fight Club director David Fincher.

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