Brand New Hybrid with “Machete Rails” Gives You High Launch, Deadly Accuracy, Awesome Distance & Rock-Solid Consistency


We took 24 golfers who needed help with their approach shots and gave them a brand-new club. The cameras were rolling and what happened next was incredible…

Here’s how it went down:

At first our testers were curious. I’m sure a few of them were skeptical, too.

It was easy to see why.

We’d just shown these golfers a new club – a hybrid, to be exact – that looked a bit, well, different from what they were used to.

Not the crown or the face, mind you, but the sole – home to five gently curved rails called “Machete Rails.”

The name seemed to pique the golfers’ interest. Then we’d explained how this radical technology worked and how it would benefit their games.

As you’ll see shortly, it’s really quite remarkable.

The golfers had nodded politely, said things like “Sounds cool” and prepared to give it a rip. I’m not sure what they expected from this unusual club. But I can tell you this:

A single swing and all skepticism vanished.

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