Brighton exhibition showcases 40 years of hats by Stephen Jones


Royal Pavilion exhibition has at its centre a display of hats created for 26 famous faces

As far as dinner parties go, it doesn’t get much more eclectic than Rihanna, the Duchess of Sussex, Joan Collins, Boy George and Skepta. They are just a handful of the 26 famous faces who have been brought together by the milliner Stephen Jones around the grand banqueting room table at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, each represented by the headpiece the designer created for them.

It forms the focal point of the designer’s new exhibition, Stephen Jones Hats, in which more than 170 hats from his 40-year career have been whimsically positioned in every room of King George IV’s famous pleasure palace.

In the great kitchen, a beret made in 2005 depicting a full English breakfast sits next to a fascinator composed to resemble a French onion soup, made for Schwarzkopf in 1985. In the music room, a three-tiered cymbal creation made for the 2015 exhibition China: Through the Looking Glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York hangs from a chandelier.

While Jones’s 2012 collection Chinoiserie-on-Sea greets visitors as they arrive, bridging the gap between familiar landmarks of the seaside town and the monarch’s preferred interior style, blending the Regency aesthetic with details inspired by creations from east Asia.

Jones says he was keen to stage the exhibit in the pavilion, which began construction in 1787, because of the similarities between the monarch’s interiors homage to the region and the imagination employed by fashion designers. “Even before I was a milliner, I loved the pavilion because it’s a total fantasy place, a land of make-believe which is so fashion – it’s all a wonderful fake and that’s the great thing about it,” he told the Guardian.

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