Budget TV-maker TCL wants to sell you tablets


After launching a new line of phones at IFA last year, TCL is sticking to its strategy of slapping its own label on more gadgets: This time to its tablets.

The Chinese electronics manufacturer unveiled the TCL 10 TabMax and the TCL 10 TabMid at the annual tech conference in Berlin, signalling a commitment to ramp up its portfolio of its own-brand consumer electronics. The Android-equipped tablet line is planned for an international release starting next quarter, according to the company. It’s also launching a smartwatch for older people and next-gen earbuds.

Although TCL is a new name in the tablet category, the publicly listed company has a history of designing, manufacturing and marketing tablets for other brands: TCL has produced tablets carrying the Alcatel name and is one of British telecom carrier Vodafone’s largest tablet suppliers.

Touted as a “productivity powerhouse”, the higher-end TabMax 10 brings with it features including an 8,000-mAh battery, a sizeable high-res screen (FHD plus, 10.36 inches), a 13-megapixel main camera and a stylus. It also has a Kids Mode feature that allows parents to monitor their kids’ activities and personalize access to content. The TCL 10 TabMax, which will be available in 4G and Wi-Fi only models, will cost 249 euros (which converts to about $290, £220 or AU$400) and 299 euros respectively. The base TCL 10 TabMid will cost 229 euros.

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