‘Can I visit the Smithsonian now? When will federal workers get paid?’ Questions about the government shutdown — answered


The government is finally open — at least for now.On the same day major airports experienced significant flight delays and hundreds of thousands of federal workers missed their second paycheck, President Donald Trump on Friday announced a deal to reopen parts of the government temporarily. So, what happens next? We’ve got some answers.

How long is the government opening for?

Three weeks. The President announced the White House had reached an agreement with lawmakers to fund the affected government agencies — about 25% of federal operations — through February 15. Congress approved the deal, and Trump on Friday signed the short-term spending bill into law. (Lawmakers already had separately funded the other three-quarters of the federal government through September.)

The latest deal includes no money for a wall along the US-Mexico border, meaning it’s the same agreement Trump could have inked more than a month ago.

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