Carnival Cruise Line: “Travel agents rock!”


Carnival Cruise Line continues to promote the value of travel agents by expanding its year-long ‘Why Use a Travel Advisor’ (WUATA) program. The new initiatives are consumer-focused and dedicated to telling the story of the value of using a travel advisor.

Carnival created, a WUATA brochure and an exclusive WUATA Facebook page for travel advisors, their clients and potential clients to share real-life experiences and to illustrate the many ways a travel agent can be an indispensable resource for travellers.

The content on both sites and the brochure supports the sentiment of Why Use a Travel Advisor, which can be a powerful tool for new client acquisition as well as building existing clients’ loyalty.

“, WUATA Facebook and the WUATA brochure are the first-of-their-kind tools created with consumers in mind to reinforce the value of Why Use a Travel Advisor,” said Adolfo Perez, Carnival’s senior vice president of global sales and trade marketing. “This is an incredible opportunity to reach thousands of new potential clients and we look forward to agents sharing these resources with customers, prospects, friends and everyone they know to help raise awareness that travel agents rock!”

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