Charlotte Lawrence Is Officially Taking Off


Early this spring, the singer Charlotte Lawrence shared some personal news with her 800K+ Instagram followers: She was grounded. Not in the go-to-your-room-young-lady sense—the 20-year-old bought a house this year and is officially out on her own—but in a shit-just-got-real sense. She had tested positive for COVID-19, so Charlotte locked herself down.

Everything was going to be okay for her, she assured fans, but supportive messages were not what she was after: What would *actually* help was staying informed and, if you weren’t feeling so hot, “for the love of god, self-fucking quarantine or you’ll be on my shit list,” she posted on March 18.

At a time when the threat to young people was being downplayed, “honestly, I felt like I had a responsibility to say: This is a real thing!” the artist—whose voice has been stuck in your head since at least summer 2019, when her moody hit “Why Do You Love Me” hit airwaves—said, frustration bursting through. “I was super sick. My dude was really fucking sick. It was scary.” Ultimately, Charlotte isolated for almost 50 days.

As of now, she’s fully recovered. And while sure, it would be wonderful to be doing this interview from some chic hotel or from the road on a low-key, socially distanced tour, Charlotte is taking this call from the comfort of her bed—one of two places she primarily prefers to chill these days.

The other: the studio—which is really anywhere with a guitar and good acoustics. In 2020, she’s made it a point to keep playing and singing every night. Sometimes these solo performances make their way to Instagram: gorgeous cover songs that contrast with the edgy pop vibes that made her famous, but also provide clear proof of a talent with serious staying power.

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