Comedian Catherine Deveny slammed over Anzac Day tweets


A MELBOURNE comedian and feminist who labelled Anzac Day “bogan Halloween” claims she has received rape threats.

A MELBOURNE-BASED comedian who tweeted that Anzac Day is “Bogan Halloween” and a celebration of Australia’s “fetishism of war and violence” has been slammed for her comments.But like most pile-ons on social media, many took things way, way too far.Catherine Deveny tweeted on Tuesday that “serve” is not the right word for our armed servicemen and women.

“Why do people in the armed forces use the word ‘serve’ to describe their work despite it being no more dangerous or prone to upheaval than many other jobs?” she wrote.“It’s just a job and work. Throw the term ‘serve’ in the bin. It’s part of the fetishism of war and violence.”

Later, she wrote that it was a “hilarious notion” that our Diggers fought for our right to free speech and that “Australians who have worked in the violence industry have fought wars to suck up to the US and British”.

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