Conservatives at big tech companies believe diverse opinions aren’t welcome


A new survey highlights the marginalization that conservative workers feel at some of the bigger tech companies.

Conservatives, often woefully underrepresented at tech companies, tend to believe that their companies do not welcome different political opinions, according to the results of a new survey from Teamblind.

The survey asked two questions: 1. Is your company accepting of diverse political opinions? and 2. What is your political leaning? A total of 4,650 answered the first question and a total of 3,834 of the 4,650 who answered the first question, answered this second question. Participants could answer with “Liberal,” “Conservative” or “Moderate.”

The responses were broken down into companies. There had to be at least 100 employee responses, Teamblind said. Companies that were represented in the results included Apple, Google, Uber, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

For Apple, overall, 60.4 percent answered with “Yes,” versus 39.6% who said “No” to the question “Is your company accepting of diverse political opinions?”

Out of that total, 38 identified as liberal, with 84.2 percent answering “Yes.” Conservatives responded very differently, however. A total of 25 employees identified as conservative but only 26.1% answered with “Yes.”

In Google’s case, the results were even more surprising. Overall, only 39.3 percent answered with “Yes’” versus a whopping 60.7 percent answering “No.”

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