Demand for Biden to Name Black Woman Surges Ahead of Vice Presidential Pick


THEY’VE BEEN THERE, FOR Democrats, in good times and bad. They secured a pivotal victory for a white man in a red state, delivering overwhelming support for Sen. Doug Jones in Alabama in the 2017 special election. They voted more heavily for Democratic congressional candidates than any other race-gender group in 2018, when Democrats took back control of the House of Representatives and brought much of President Donald Trump’s legislative agenda to a halt. They were the most loyal voter subset to cast ballots for Hillary Clinton in 2016, even though it ended up not being enough.

African American women have been the most reliable Democratic supporters over the years, coming through for a party that has surely grown more diverse but still has overwhelmingly nominated whites or men – or white men – for high-level elected positions.

Now, they want to do more than be the electoral support staff. They want Democrat Joe Biden to nominate an African American woman as his vice presidential nominee.

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