‘Destiny 2’ Reveals Solstice Of Heroes Info, EAZ Return, Armor Set Answers


Naturally, whenever I think I’m finished with my Destiny 2 article for the day, that’s when new information arrives. We did not have to wait for the TWAB to hear details about Solstice of Heroes 2020, as a new information page with a trailer has hit the internet.

The long and short of it? It sounds almost identical to last year’s Solstice. The EAZ is returning, kill bosses, race around opening chests, the loop seems more or less the same. If anything has changed, it’s not listed in this info dump or shown off in the trailer.

What is different, however, is the armor, and this is where things get a little confusing.

One section of the page has this listed:

Okay, so you earn armor and upgrade it like past years, and then at “Majestic” level it starts to glow.

But what’s Eververse selling? That’s this section:

Okay so wait, rather than bother with earning the armor, you can just…buy it as a cosmetic ornament, and then pay for a glow? What’s the deal here?

What I think is happening here is the following: You will be able to earn at least one set of armor, and it will go through the normal “upgrade” process as you complete in-game requirements.

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