Donald Trump Is Still Whining About His Alabama Falsehood


As the East Coast gets battered by Hurricane Dorian, President Donald Trump has made clear that his first priority is to keep insisting he wasn’t wrong about something he was wrong about.

Days after Trump was proven wrong about the hurricane’s predicted trajectory, the White House released a statement Thursday afternoon maintaining that the president was right.

The headache began this past Sunday when Trump tweeted that Alabama would be hit “(much) harder than anticipated” by the hurricane, which started to make landfall Thursday on the Carolina coasts.

He was quickly corrected by the Birmingham branch of the National Weather Service, which tweeted that “no impacts from Hurricane #Dorian will be felt across Alabama. The system will remain too far east.”

But the president wouldn’t let it go. Not content with his initial blunder, Trump held a hurricane briefing on Wednesday in which he displayed a weather map that showed Dorian’s projected path. There were only two problems.

One, that particular map was from last week. Between that projection and his Sunday tweet, the revised predictions for Dorian had it shifting in a more northerly direction.

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