Driver crashes $500,000 McLaren 720S one day after taking delivery


A US man has destroyed his half-million dollar supercar only 24 hours after taking delivery.

A driver in the United States has thrown away what would be many people’s dream ride — a McLaren 720S supercar.

The Virginia man was out playing with his new toy — which costs more than $500,000 in Australia — when he lost control and hit a tree. The driver suffered non-life threatening injuries but the car was a write-off according to Fairfax County Police.

The kicker is the motorist had only taken delivery of his exotic supercar the previous day — that is a quick way to lose a cool half-million.

Fairfax County Police posted the remains of the McLaren on Twitter with the tagline “slow down, or it could cost you”.

The 720S is one of the most powerful cars on the road thanks to its boisterous 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine (527kW/770Nm).

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