Escape Boston Without Leaving Town By Visiting These 8 Places


You likely didn’t escape the city in any real way this summer. If you were lucky, you spent some time on the Cape and, if you were really lucky, you got tested and headed up to Maine. But that long-planned trip overseas? Ixnay-ed, like so much else in our lives right now.

But the pandemic has forced us to re-examine the city with fresh eyes, and lo, there are lots of ways to achieve escapism without ever leaving the greater city confines. From clandestine hikes to beautiful hidden green spaces to city blocks that feel flown in from Europe, Boston is rife with worm holes that can transport you from reality — even for a few hours.

Dine on the water while taking in the city from a new perspective

East Boston
You might be one of those people who already treats Eastie like a foreign land. But an afternoon spent at ReelHouse really can feel like a mini vacay. For starters, you can take a water taxi from Charlestown to get there — and how often have you ever taken a water taxi in your home city? The restaurant’s 130-seat patio feels more like a yacht deck, what with the nautical decor and panoramic views of the harbor and city. Add in some tropical cocktails and some raw bar offerings, and you’ll almost feel like you’ve booked a one-day cruise.

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