Explore the magical island of Sicily on this virtual tour


Sicilian magic
I’m often asked what my favorite travel destination is, and that is certainly a hard question to answer. The Italian island of Sicily is always at the top of my response, and more times than not, I always get a blank stare, especially from those who have watched too many “Godfather” movies over the years.

With a history that spans millennia, Sicily’s astonishingly preserved ruins from antiquity, breathtaking landscapes and beaches, ancient cities and charming towns, a warm and gracious population, and incomparable wine and cuisine are just a few of the reasons it is among the top of my favorites list.

First stop: ancient city of Palermo
Most travelers to Sicily either begin or end their tour in the ancient city of Palermo, the region’s capital founded in 736 BC. Blessed by a perfect climate, an amazing number of ancient and historical buildings, renowned gastronomy and restaurants, a vibrant nightlife as well as an international airport, Palermo has become one of the top tourist destinations in Italy and Europe.

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