Finding Uses For Plastic in Affordable Housing and Building


As the population grows and income inequality increases along with it, creating affordable housing becomes more challenging. While plastic has been a dirty word in environmental circles for decades, it could hold the key to affordable and sustainable housing. Architects and city planners are looking at uses for plastic that harness environmental technology to build housing for those struggling to make ends meet.

NPR reported that in 2017 China passed the National Sword policy, banning plastic waste from being imported for recycling. This law, which went into effect in January of this year, states that China will no longer be responsible for recycling plastic waste imported from other countries, citing protection of the environment.

Western countries like the U.S. and Mexico, however, have to figure out new ways to recycle materials like plastic, according to

Creating Afforable Housing With Plastic
Globally, plastic waste is reaching catastrophic levels. It’s filling up landfills, clogging waterways, and choking coral and sea life. To combat this epidemic, new uses for plastic are being brainstormed by researchers and governments alike.

According to, seven out of every 10 Mexicans are living in a state of poverty. Mexican startup company EcoDom hopes to help mitigate this by using recyclables to construct affordable homes.

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