For Curry, a Return Home Shows He Is Where He Belongs


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Stephen Curry was about 25 minutes into a news conference here on Saturday afternoon when a magician who goes by the name Jibrizy sidled up to the dais to do a card trick. Curry, the Golden State Warriors point guard, seemed impressed.

“That was nice, big fella,” Curry said. “That was crazy. Y’all see that? Did y’all see that? What’s your name, boss? Jibrizy? Nice to meet you, man. Fire. You’re fire. That’s what’s up.”

Lots of weird stuff tends to happen during N.B.A. All-Star weekend, and a cameo by Jibrizy was no exception. But it was also the rare instance when the spotlight left Curry, if only for a moment, in the run-up to the weekend’s flagship game on Sunday.

Curry, a six-time All-Star and two-time most valuable player who has already coaxed Golden State to three championships, is used to lots of attention. But he relished his return to Charlotte, where he grew up to become perhaps the greatest shooter of all time — and where he is still revered.

“From the time I started playing basketball at 5, right down the street at the recreation center, to now, a lot has happened,” Curry said. “A lot of great things.”

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