Google Lists The Most Popular Travel Destinations For 2020


Have you been tirelessly researching potential travel destinations for 2020? Maybe you need a little inspiration. Google is listing the top trending places to start off 2020. Some of the cities may surprise you.

In addition to seeing trending places, Google has a more robust hotel search tool for 2020. It can be easier to find personalized results for where to stay and how to optimize your visit.

Popular Destinations For 2020

Here are the top 10 trending destinations for 2020 (according to Google):

Da Nang, Vietnam

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Seoul, Korea

Tokyo, Japan

Tel Aviv, Israel

Marseille, France

Vienna, Austria

Bangkok, Thailand

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Perth, Australia

How does Google decide these are some of the most popular trends? Their research methodology compares the number of hotel searches with travel dates in 2020 to a similar number of searches from 2018 for 2019 travel dates.

These 10 places are seeing an uptick in interest as travelers consider a new place to visit. This isn’t to say that perennial tourist favorites like Rome, Barcelona or Maldives are less popular. But, some of those places may not be the first cities to populate your travel list anymore.

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