Google Nest may release a $99 Wifi device this year, but what is it?


Last year, Google took mesh Wi-Fi networks to the next level by having access points that also serve as Google Assistant speakers. However, this advancement understandably came with increased cost. Potentially to give the Nest Wifi ecosystem a more affordable entry point, we found evidence that suggests Google may release some $99 Nest Wifi hardware later this year.

In our review of the Nest Wifi, the only major issues we could point to were the lack of Wi-Fi 6 support and the high price, with a one-pack starting at $169, going up to a three-pack at $349. Meanwhile, the Google Wifi hardware from 2016 offers almost identical features, minus the smart speaker, and is still in stock for $129 at some retailers, but not the Google Store.

Unless you have a specific desire to put a Google Assistant smart speaker in the exact same place that you would put a mesh Wi-Fi point, it’s hard to justify the Nest Wifi’s current pricing. On the flip side though, Marie Kondo would probably be proud of Google’s effort to fold two disparate everyday devices into one form.

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