Great Multicultural Cities to Help Satisfy the Desire for Travel


Given the restrictions on travel these days we can be glad there are great multicultural cities on various continents to help satisfy our wanderlust.

According to a BBC report that refers to the International Organization for Migration, I have the good fortune to live in the most multicultural city in the world.

Now, of course, how cities rank depends on how they are measured. This ranking of a city’s cultural diversity is based on the percentage of people who were born outside the country. First and second generations are not considered for, while they would hold some cultural traits, there would undoubtedly be assimilation to some degree as well.

For a few years now, more than 50% of Toronto’s population has been made up of people born outside of Canada. This diversity can be seen as one travels across the city. There are Italian, Indian, Portuguese, Filipino, and Jamaican neighborhoods. In some cases, there are more than one.