Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis reboot gets mixed reviews


The Halloween reboot, which sees Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her role as Laurie Strode, has received mixed reviews from critics.

The 2018 version marks the 11th instalment in the horror series, which began in 1978.

The reviews, which have been published ahead of the film’s release on Friday, range between two and four stars.

Many critics said the movie was predictable, but others said it was the best Halloween movie for some time.

“Here’s an idea,” wrote Ed Potton in The Times

“If you’re reviving a franchise that has been brought back from the dead nine times, why not make your rebooted version memorable in some way?

“Rather than, as David Gordon Green does here, serving up the kind of painfully workmanlike horror that could have been made at any point in the past four decades.”

He awarded the film two stars, adding: “[Green] did well to secure the services of the estimable Curtis, yet they’re wasted.”

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