‘Harry Potter’ star reflects on ‘decades’ of drug and alcohol abuse


“Harry Potter” star Jason Isaacs is opening up about his “decades long” addiction to drugs and alcohol, something that had “dire consequences.”

“I’ve always had an addictive personality and by the age of 16 I’d already passed through drink and was getting started on a decades long love affair with drugs,” he said while speaking to The Big Issue. “Every action was filtered through a burning need I had for being as far from a conscious, thinking, feeling person as possible. No message would get through for nearly 20 years.”

Now sober, Jason, who played Lucius Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” film series, recalled his first drunken experience at the age of 12.

“The barman, who we thought at the time was a hero and I now realize belonged in prison, sneaked us a full bottle of Southern Comfort,” Jason, 57, said. “We drank the entire thing in the toilet, then staggered out into the party, reeling around farcically.”

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